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Extreme Customs

Extreme Customs started mounting, balancing and shipping wheels & tires out of a garage! We now have millions of dollars worth of wheels, tires, lift kits & accessories IN-STOCK at our Oshkosh location and ship nationwide! We also have 2 CNC machines for drilling custom offsets, bolt patterns and hub bores and use all Hunter equipment (tire mounting, balancing & alignment machines). We can take care of your lowered car, lifted truck and our sister company, Tire Reps, can take care of your car, truck, minivan or SUV!

Extreme Customs started out in a garage
Extreme Customs Warehouse
Drilling Custom Offsets


Tire Reps     
Truckin Parts

Tire Reps and Truckin' Parts were founded to offer local internet shoppers a place to come see products before they buy. Consumers get face-to-face service and are confident knowing they are getting the best deal possible. Our slogan is "Internet Pricing With A Local Presence" because you get the best of both worlds! It doesn't matter if you just want 4 minivan tires or you want a truck lift kit with bigger wheels and tires, we stock and install the products you want at the best prices!


Tires and Wheels

TiresAndWheels.com is now part of the Extreme Customs Online Network! We also teamed up with Tire Reps to get tires and wheels at the best prices! Wheel and tire packages are also available!


Wheel and Tire Package

The name speaks for itself! Part of the EC website, WheelTirePackage.com is the quickest, easiest and best way to buy a wheel and tire package! Pick a wheel, pick a tire, we'll mount the tire on the wheel, air it up, balance it, wrap it on a pallet and ship everything to you! All you need to do is jack up your vehicle, remove your old wheels and get the new ones installed! Most customers just do the install in their garage! Save money and most importantly, save your time!!


EC Garage

More info coming soon... Brace for impact!


In-Stock Products!

We aren't like most other internet retailers or local shops that order in products AFTER you pay. We are constantly doing stocking orders and we ship most in-stock items same day! We also take the extra steps in giving our customers the most accurate information possible. We start by uploading inventory sheets almost right when new products arrive! Don't get fooled by our competitors telling you something is in-stock when they know it's on backorder! They want your commitment so they can switch you to something else! We don't waste your time with unethical selling practices.


Competition Killers!

Game Over! Our team is dedicated to having the lowest online prices so stop wasting your time clicking from site to site, waiting for email quotes or a call back from our competition. Our team won't let price get in the way of earning your business! When you buy from us feel confident you're getting the best price, if not, contact us because we love to wheel-n-deal!

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